Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Art of the Human Spirit

I receive emails from time to time from friends' companies, galleries, etc all over the country, as many of us do. Often on a busy day, and as the email onslaught continues to gain momentum worldwide, I unfortunately delete these little nuggets of artistic breath without even reading them. When would i read this? There's so much to do! I'll never be able to see that...

But this one caught my eye, and reawakened why I joined said mailing lists in the first place. My two great passions are the arts and the healing arts, and one of my great loves, is to travel. Hence my intrigue and delight upon reading about this touring project that will be put on by the Moving Dock Theater Company in Chicago for one amazing performance as it makes its way through a few cities.

Still in Buffalo, I feel I was drawn here for reasons beyond what have yet been fully revealed to me, one of them to create bridges between the refugee and local populations via the arts, create spaces and dialogues for this vital work. As more of the world, and so many of its inhabitants become refugees, how can we help these people transition to very foreign cultures, and encourage them to share the richness of their own artistic traditions with us? Just a few of the questions with me tonight, and thought I'd share this piece for any who might be in Chicago, or for whom reading it may similarly inspire them.