Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Speech at Buffalo's Common Council Public Hearing on Arts Funding

So instead of using this Blog once every few months, I thought I would write more frequent shorter posters and also share some of the other things I've been up to. Some know that back in november, in response to a budget crisis in Buffalo where arts and cultural funding was cut to more then 33 organizations, I co-founded a group called Empower Arts Buffalo and I've been very active in helping to promote a sense of collaboration in the midst of this staggering blow. New has been promising, a well known "catalyst" for change in Buffalo the John R. Oishei foundation has stepped up to offer some emergency funds. Artvoice has been running a two month long "Give 4 Greatness" campaign, which I am involved with as an event coordinator. And now, the city of Buffalo's common council is stepping up in what may be a move that restores arts funding for the first time in a decade to the city budget. I had no idea my remarks would make the news, but below you can hear several clips of the speakers. I walked in, tired, after a long long day, but felt it necessary to add to the numbers at this public hearing, as it was also passover and a Sabres playoff game. I am grateful that our voices were heard.