Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slowing the Tennis Match of the Mind

I just finished a very short, not long enough vacation, says my rational self. A deeper self says, at least you took some time to yourself, and you can already see the benefits.

i found myself, while on the short time away, observing my mental tennis. it wasn't just one match, but many, andre agassi, steffi graf and pete sampras all hammering away at the same time, with john macenroe screaming at the judge at the same time and same volume as peter connors...

but the physical distance i gifted myself from my current home of buffalo, the time in the car watching the landscape change, the vastness of the forests out the window, and then the vastness of the ocean, began to work their magic on me, and in just a few days it was just billy jean having a mellow practice match with chris evers...

i am now in the challenge of being back in buffalo, with many things looming ahead of me as i return to my schedule, but with a deeper sense that i can keep the match slow, and have the tools at hand, my breath, my yoga, my writing, music... for each of us they are different, singular and evolving, that when all resume their din at once, which is sure to happen, i can recall the breath of the ocean, or the sound of the open road, close my eyes for five minutes of vacation and return renewed and refreshed... enjoy the time between each hit of the ball, the deep inner peace that is always only a breath away.


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  1. Megan, I'm so happy to discover you blog. What a pleasure it is to write and share your ideas and thoughts with the world. This is inspiring me to start blogging again as well.

    I've been feeling like there is a tennis match with all the songs and thoughts And hopes and dreams all rattling around in my head lately. It's nice to have space to lay them out right?

    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and letting some energy out on the drums!